Why Does FedEx Have Such Terrible Service?

So I bought something from Apple. It shipped last week from Shanghai, China. From there it went to Anchorage and then to Memphis, which is where their main hub is. It passed through Anchorage customs in an unprecedented 4 hours, and was immediately shipped off to Memphis. It made that entire journey in 24 hours. Memphis people loaded it up and ship it off within the hour. So far, so good. Amazing coverage by FedEx. It then arrived at the regional hub and sat. Then it sat some more. Then they finally loaded it up and sent it the 1.5 hours to my location.

Well, it arrived at the destination facility with plenty of time to spare to unload the truck and place the package for delivery. Does it go out? No. It sits AGAIN, a mere 20-30 minutes from the delivery location. As of 9am there is no indication from FedEx that they will attempt to deliver today. I will definitely comment on whether that happens (their tracking info never seems to be updated, the only tracking system that is worse is the USPS). My other Fed Ex delivery is marked as being on the truck, so its a crap shoot at this point.

Anyway, the irritating thing is that the package spent less than 48 hours in transit and more than 72 hours completely idle. I understand that they run their shipments on a regular schedule but I have had so many problems with FedEx holding on to packages at the final destination that I am fed up. If a package is early, they seem to, in my opinion, hold on to it until the scheduled delivery date. They are the only carrier I know that seems to do this. Why?? It makes their customer service look TERRIBLE. Especially when the customer can view the tracking data and see with their own eyes that this is exactly what Fed Ex is doing.

If Fed Ex holds on to this package one more day, I will be very tempted to tell Apple that I am going to reject the shipment because of Fed Ex’s terrible service. In fact, I wonder what would happen if I started telling vendors that I won’t accept Fed Ex? I suppose someone like Amazon wouldn’t care what my opinion was, but it’s worth a shot.

4 Responses to “Why Does FedEx Have Such Terrible Service?”

  1. ejohnson says:

    Well it was delivered. The funny thing is that both packages were seemingly on the same truck, but they were delivered over an hour apart. Another quirky fedex thing.

  2. HEMI MUSIC says:

    Just another reason why FedEx sucks balls:


    pass this on..make sure everyone knows they’re wack.

  3. l.reason says:

    Fedex…. I sit at home for two days…no door bell run, no knocking…said they come by…
    They have computers knowing their routes and have my phone number….a computer can not make a call to the customers home and advised the of a forthcoming delivery for that day?
    No, they do not care about customer service.
    At least, I know where the post office is located and can check on a package. Not with Fedex…just an 800# to a phone menu…to stall you and then disconnect you.
    Fedex SUCKS..

  4. Fedexuser says:

    I’ve been waiting 4months for my delivery… and that is no JOKE! im dead serious..

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